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A message from Bebe:

“In honor of tonights Grammy Awards, we’re going to stream one more song from the upcoming new album. This is one of the first songs we~ Jon Tiven , Jimmy Walls and I wrote in June 2013 right in Jon and Sally’s kitchen. I had the title and hook and basic lyrics, Jon had the music and Jim had the golden “riff”- truly a team effort. It’s a personal song as it came from my heart and a place of truth. It’s an anti-bullying song. Meant to give strength. When my back-up singer Louisa Bradshaw first heard the song, she cried. It touched something about the subject deep inside of her.

This is Jon’s mix. We also did a mix with the much in demand and hot Nashville engineer Jake Burns. We’re saving that for the album.
Life is often filled with coincidence- in a case that tackles a subject as important as bullying, the more the merrier. It’s been brought to my attention that a young artist named Hunter Hayes also has an anti-bullying song- but wait… it gets better… ALSO called “INVISIBLE”. Do great minds think alike? He will be debuting it tonight on The Grammys.

Seems like “INVISIBLE” is in the air= U2 has a new song coming in April 2014 that I hear is also called Invisible. Certainly not about bullying but anticipated I’m certain!

Here’s MY “INVISIBLE”~~ I hope you like it…
Can’t wait to hear about Hunter Hayes’ experience with this
highly personal issue. We’ll all be in front of the TV tonight for
the Grammys!”