Hard Love reviews from Boston and Spain

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Two great reviews of Hard Love from around the globe!


Hard Love

11 tracks

This is how I like my rock ’n’ roll: an explosive band led by a red hot female vocalist who takes control of each song and seduces, preaches and lectures me into submission. Punk Pioneer Bebe Buell has a lot to say in her music and whether she’s conquering punk, metal, or straight ahead rock ’n’ roll, the result is the same on every song: great songwriting and great delivery equals a major music force to be reckoned with. And by that I mean listened to over and over. “Mother of Rock And Roll” is a classic rock ’n’ roll song and the current punk “Sugar” may be the big hit but in both songs the stunning guitar work of Jimmy Walls shines. He growls, he groans and he is really magnificent. I also dig Bebe’s powerful teaser version of Gang of Four’s “I Love A Man In A Uniform”; a cool cover from the ’80s punk band. She may be a veteran but her passion is like a breath of fresh air. Every song is great. Play this CD loud. (A.J.Wachtel)


Ruta 66 Magazine, Spain